PBS Audience Responses To

Voices of a Never Ending Dawn

"I am thankful that this film was brought to WGVU (PBS). I just can’t say enough about what you have done here. I’m not a theater-goer but this is a film that should be brought to the masses more than just television. This film leaves one in a state that is hard to describe. Thank you so much for bringing this lost story to us."
—Ted Nohava, Mattawan, MI

"The amount of work, time and emotion that Pamela Peak has put into Voices of a Never Ending Dawn rings true to the heart! She has captured the true essence of the Polar Bear soldier’s experience on so many levels."
—Joseph Dilorenzo, Santa Clarita, CA

"A fine and moving tribute to some of our best and bravest."
—Vic Doucette, Southfield, MI

"A superior work! Pamela Peak has truly captured the endurance, suffering and the longings for home that these young soldiers experienced."
—Sue Tenbrink, Muskegon, MI

"Pamela Peak does a wonderful job in telling this story. She certainly has a gift for getting the viewer emotionally involved."
—Jack Rhine, Palm Bay, FL

"Voices of a Never Ending Dawn is wonderful! Ms. Peak is an excellent and passionate writer."
—Warren Stensrud, Lansing, MI

"This film is an excellent presentation. Thank you for honoring the memory of many brave people, both soldiers and ordinary citizens in your documentary and professional work."
—Peter Vlcko, Detroit, MI

"Pamela Peak does a thoroughly brilliant film essay, detailing the men, their lives and their cause. She is blessed with the heart, love and gift of sharing a story as none others could have done."
—Jan Laza, Livonia, MI

"Voices of a Never Ending Dawn is beyond fantastic. Every aspect of this movie was riveting and educational."
—Gary D. Moore, Port Huron, MI

"Thank you for your effort in producing this historical record of a heroic group of Americans. It is evident that this is truly a work of love. It does a masterful job of telling a forgotten story."
—Roger Stam, Holland, MI