The Executive Producer

Executive Producer Larry Chase

Larry Chase recently retired as a Sergeant Major in the U.S. Army.  He is a patriotic veteran who brought the story of Michigan’s Polar Bears to his cousin, award-winning filmmaker Pamela Peak. Chase urged her to take a look at the incredible details surrounding the Polar Bear’s unusual mission and the sacrifice they made for their country. It was then that Chase and Peak set out to create a documentary film in their honor.

Chase is the Executive Producer of the documentary film and has been funding the film out of his own pocket. He is asking his fellow veterans to contribute what ever they can to help see this important film, honoring the soldiers of Detroit and Michigan, through to completion.

Chase felt the story needed to be told.  His brother Gary Chase died in Viet Nam in 1967 and he could find no better way to honor his brother’s sacrifice and his uncle (Peak’s grandfather, a WWI Polar Bear) than to begin to fund a documentary film that shows the incredible sacrifices of Detroit and Michigan’s Own “Polar Bears” of WWI.

“No donation is too small”, says Chase. “We need to get this film completed in memory of these brave soldiers who paid an unusual price for their country. We will bring their memory not only to the people of our area but also to the entire country.  This is a fitting way to honor these men and to fulfill the promise made to them. They were promised when they returned home to Detroit that they would never be forgotten.”