Screen Actors

The On-Screen “Faces” of The Polar Bears

The Officers

Alex Alexandrou
Sergeant Silver K. Parrish

Alex, whose work in playing the heroic Silver K. Parrish is decribed in this news article, currently resides in Saginaw MI, was raised in London, England and attended the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Described as "not afraid of death", daring Sergeant Silver K. Parrish earns the British Medal of Honor for his heroic acts, but speaks out loudly questioning the flawed mission into Northern Russia, and bravely confronts the consequences.

Ben Topping
Corporal John Toornman of Company G

Ben is not only a talented singer and actor, he is a national and Michigan scholar, currently attending U of M with a double major in Engineering and Music. (See article here.)

Corporal John Toornman's diary is one of the most sensitive accounts as to how our youg men faced their first day in battle. On December 4, 1918 Corporal Toornman saw two of his best buddies killed in the trench beside him. How he responds gives us a deep insight into the effects of war on its young soldiers.

Nicholas Vukasovich
Sergeant Mick Kenney of Company K

Nick, currently residing in Birmingham MI, is heading for Los Angeles in August of 2009 to further his acting career by studying the respected Meisner acting technique.

Sergeant Mick Kenney sadly was killed by enemy fire on New Year's Eve of 1918, 8 weeks after World War I had ended. He was known not only for his bravery but for the compassion that he felt for the soldiers he commanded.

Steve Swanson
Lieutenant Harry Mead

Steve Swanson is a well-known and experienced actor in the Detroit area. He recently appeared in a made-for-TV movie with Cuba Godding Jr., shot on location in Detroit.

Steve brings to life one of the most tense battle scenes in the film when, as Lieutenant Harry Mead, he is forced by advancing enemy troops to order his men to cross an 800 yard field under sniper fire in an open clearing. Miraculously Mead and seven of his 45 men made it out that day to tell the tale.

Casting in Michigan

When producer/director Pamela Peak sought out actors to bring to life the dramatic battle scenes of the Polar Bears, she turned to Michigan's tremendous talent pool, to draw on the same heritage (descendants of immigrants from Poland, Germany, Hungary, Russia and Italy) from which the original Polar Bears of Michigan were descended.

Holding auditions in Michigan, Pamela found talented actors in the Detroit area to bring into action some of the most courageous battles fought in Northern Russia. To her surprise two of the actors turned out to be actual descendants of Polar Bears!

Once cast, each actor was trained by the dedicated troop of reenactors who specialize in military period authenticity in uniforms, military protocol, and handling of weapons.

The actors featured on this page have been doing increasingly more film work (in addition to their usual stage work) as the Hollywood film industry is producing more and more films in the State of Michigan.

Corporal John Toornman's
Men of Company G

Andy Burt as
Private Clarence Malm

Scott Gizicki as
Private Jay Pitts

David Ross as Sergeant Mike Burke

Sergeant Mick Kenney's
Men of Company K

Robb Chrenko

Jason Dilly

Daniel Himm

Trevor Winuk

Supporting Characters

Chris Ableson
Character Actor

Chris Ableson is an accomplished character actor who skillfully portrayed five different characters within the film.

An actor from the University of Michigan, Chris is not only a dedicated military reenactor, but is also a talented designer for The Walt Disney Company around the world.

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